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Kim Kardashian “discovers” Racism — What’s Wrong With That? –   Leave a comment

Damned if you do, damned if you dont!) Its similar to what recently happened with the popular young actress Shailene Woodley, who explained why she does not consider herself a feminist despite believing, strongly, in what she called sisterhood, mutual respect among women. The Internet leapt into action to condemn the Divergent star and tell her how wrong she is for not knowing what feminism really means. What it really means, evidently, is waiting for celebrities to explain their sympathetic beliefs then picking away at them incessantly. Its unfortunate that the word feminism has developed a toxic valence but if its current incarnation is so obsessed with tearing down women in the public eye who are trying their best, what star would want to put their name to the movement? Kardashians point-of-view discovering a social issue when it affects her is hardly new, though she gets uniquely pilloried for it. A journalist I follow on Twitter noted that Beyonce claiming to have more robustly discovered feminism when she became a mother was widely hailed. And, in the political world, Rob Portmans evolution on gay rights only happened when his son came out. Good for him for having an open mind!
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